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Adoption Journal- Part 1 - Pretty mouth and green my eyes...

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February 6th, 2011

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02:53 pm - Adoption Journal- Part 1
From everything I've read, starting an adoption journal is something I should be doing.  I resisted the idea at first; I mean, journaling is so 2008.  But the more I thought about, the more it started to sound like a good idea. So here I go...

So far, I've only taken a few preliminary steps towards adopting a child. Really, all I've done is attend an orientation class at the adoption agency I've chosen. But my mind is made up. This is what I'm doing. As a single woman, I am going to adopt a child. 

I've decided to adopt a little girl between the ages of 4-6. I thought for all of ten seconds about adopting an infant, but as a single working parent, it makes no sense to adopt an infant. Also, everyone and their mama wants a little white baby, and I have no interest in waiting for years to get my child. I"m impatient like that.

I'll be adopting a child from the foster care system. In California, the dependency courts do something called "concurrent planning."  This means that I will go through the entire adoption homestudy, have a child placed with me, but that child may still be trying to reunify with their birth parent(s). They do this so that the child goes through less placement disruption.  So there's a chance that even after this child is placed in my home, they may still be returned to their birth parent. However, due to the age of the child I'm looking to adopt, the risk of that child being returned is less than it would be with a younger child. So that's something.  Still, it's an odd thing they ask prospective adoptive parents to do: take this child into your home and love it as your own; just remember, she can be taken away at any time. Weird, right?


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